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Party Appetizers

Having a party or small get together? Here are some delicious easy appetizer recipes that you can make in very little time and still manage to impress your friends and family:

MANY of us overlook the importance of an appetizer. It is most refreshing and a whole lot more wholesome than a rich soup. In fact, many  serve them in place of soup, these days.

And don't cling to the conventional, easy sort of appetizer — clams or grapefruit, day by day. Try new things. Make use of a variety of fruits in preparing these appetizers.

Fruit glass appetizer is a delicious appetizer and very wholesome for children.

  • Take one orange,
  • a small bunch of white grapes,
  • and one-half a cupful of diced pineapple.
  • Mix with a little sugar and allow to stand for about an hour.
Just before serving add a cupful of grape juice. Serve in glasses. Another fruit glass is made by taking an equal quantity of sliced oranges, bananas and white grapes and mixing with a little sugar and lemon juice. This is unusually refreshing. In summer there are so many fruits that blend, but in winter try the ones mentioned.

If you have chicken dinner, some sort of tomato appetizer is a good choice.

A fruit appetizer precedes lamb or beef very well. A fruit appetizer is also good before veal or pork or sausage.

Before fish some sort of vegetable appetizer, or one containing bacon may be served.

A tomato canape is easily made, and set to harden long beforehand.

  • brown a slice of toast for each person and cut it to a neat round.
  • Butter it while hot and place on it a round, rather thick slice of skinned tomato.
  • On this place a spoonful of thick mayonnaise.

A slice of broiled bacon may be added to the tomato canape if you like. With this the mayonnaise is omitted.

Another bacon appetizer is this:

  •  Spread small slices of bread, toasted on the under side, with a paste made of well-seasoned yellow cheese.
  • On each place two half- strips of bacon and broil until the bacon curls and the cheese browns


Boil eggs for twenty minutes; then drop in cold water. Remove the shells, and cut lengthwise. Remove the yolks, and cream them with a good salad dressing. Mix with chopped ham, or chicken, or any cold meat, if you choose. Make mixture into balls, and fill in the hollows of your whites. If you have not the salad dressing mix the yolks from six eggs with a teaspoonful of melted butter, a dash of cayenne pepper, a little prepared mustard, salt, vinegar and sugar to taste.



 One quart of milk, two tablespoons flour three tablespoons butter, pepper and salt. Put milk in double boiler, mix butter and flour thoroughly, adding a little cold milk before stirring into the hot milk; cook: One pint of oysters, let simmer in their liquor for about five minutes, then skim out, drop into the cream sauce. Prepare thin slices of crisp toast, lay on heated platter; pour over creamed oysters, serve at once. Delicious.


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