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How to Cook a Beef Tenderloin

Caterina Christakos

how to cook a beef tenderloin

Filet Mignon, Sauce Bordelaise

Take two pounds of beef tenderloin, cut it into small slices crosswise, and broil them, season them with salt and pepper, arrange them neatly on a dish, pour over them sauce Bordelaise, and serve. " Filet Mignon " means a delicate, small, favorite piece of fillet or tenderloin of beef.

Fillet of Beef, Sauce Bearnaise

 Select three pounds of the large end of a beef tenderloin, trim off the fat and tough skin covering the meat, and either lard it or cover with thin strips of salt pork ; add salt and pepper, and bake thirty minutes ; cut it into slices, and serve with sauce Bearnaise

Sauce Bearnaise

Reduce a gallon of strong soup to a quart by long boiling, and keep it warm. Beat up the yolks of four eggs, turn them into a buttered saucepan, whisk them, and gradually add a pint of the reduced soup (which is called glaze) ; add, while whisking, a tablespoonful of vinegar strongly flavored with garlic (or, if liked, a quantity of the juice from bruised garlic or shallots) and the juice of a lemon. After beating the eggs, stir them in


If you do not care to scrape it free from sinews, ask the butcher to do it for you. Put in a frying-pan an ounce of butter ; add a teaspoonful of minced onion, and fry it a delicate brown. Now shape the steak in a round form about an inch and a half thick, and fry it in the same pan with the onion ; when done add salt and a pinch of cayenne. Meat prepared in this form is always more digestible than solid steak, and the ways of serving it are quite numerous. Some like it raw, highly seasoned with finely- chopped raw onion and parsley, cayenne, salt, and the yolk of a raw egg. Others eat it very rare, and some insist on cooking it almost as dry as chips. In our opinion it is best cooked about " medium," and a poached egg placed on top of it is quite acceptable.

Beef, Braise, a la Macedoine

Select a five-pound piece of rump of beef, cover it with hot water and simmer two hours. Take it out, put it in the braising-pan with a slice of bacon, an old carrot sliced, an onion quartered, a teaspoonful of salt, six whole peppers, three cloves, and a pinch of thyme. Add half a pint of the water in which it was partly cooked (and save the remainder for soup). Cover, and simmer an hour, and set the joint in the open oven a few moments, while you rub the sauce through the colander, remove surplus fat and boil the sauce down, then pour it over the meat, and serve, surrounded with a liberal quantity of young vegetables cut into fancy shapes, harmoniously blended as to colors, and piled up in dainty tufts alternated with sprigs of parsley or slices of lemon, or both. If it is too much trouble to prepare your own



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