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Gourmet Meals

gourmet meals

"The pleasures of the table are common to all ages and ranks, to all countries and times; they not only harmonise with all the other pleasures, but remain to console us for their loss."  ~ Brillat Savarin

 From daily night time entrees to dinner of the month creations, our aim is to help you discover gourmet meals that you and your family can enjoy without having to go to the culinary institute of america or the Corden Blue.

We will offer you recipes for those times that you long to create gourmet meals and we will also show you how you can use a food delivery service and a nice set of your own dish ware to make them think that you have been slaving for hours over a hot stove.

Cooking, food & wine are essential to creating that warm family atmosphere that many of us have lost. Yes, we know it is easier to phone in the pizza or drive through the fast food drive through but try this for a while:

Once a week, choose one of our gourmet recipes, set the table with actual linen and your nicest silverware, get a nice bottle of wine and appreciate the change in yourself and your family. You will notice that time seems to slow down, and you actually start to have conversations.

Now make sure that the television is turned off and actually take time to chew the food. No gulping. No racing. Just sheer enjoyment. We realize that you can not do this every day but once a week allow yourself the experience that Europeans have been savoring for centuries.


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