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simple chicken salad recipe

Simple Chicken Salad Recipe

CHICKEN SALAD The average cook book contains a good deal of nonsense about this salad. Nothing can be more simple than to mix a little nicely cut cold boiled chicken and celery together, with a tablespoonful or two of mayonnaise. Put this mixture into a salad-bowl, arrange it neatly, and over all add a mayonnaise. Garnish with celery tops, hard-boiled eggs, strips of beets, etc. Use a little more celery than chicken. Or, tear a few leaves of lettuce, put them in a salad-bowl, and add half a cold, boiled, tender chicken that has been cut into neat pieces; pour over it a mayonnaise; garnish neatly, and serve. For large parties, and when the chicken is apt to become dry, from having been cut up long before it is wanted, it is best to keep it moist by adding a plain dressing. Drain it before using. Put on a flat side-dish a liberal bed of crisp lettuce. Add the chicken, garnish neatly, and, just before sending to table, pour over it a mayonnaise. If in hot weather, arrange the salad on a dish that will stand in a small tub or kid. Fill this with ice, place the dish on top, pin a napkin or towel around the tub to hide it from view. Flowers, smilax, etc., may be pinned on this, which produce a very pretty effect.

Chicken-and-Fresh-Mushroom Salad

Peel mushroom caps, break in pieces, and sauté in melted butter five or six minutes with a slice of onion; add chicken liquor or hot water and let simmer until tender. Remove from the liquor, cover, and set aside to cool. Add the liquor and the peelings and stalks of the mushrooms to the liquid in which the chicken is to be cooked. Use the chicken and mushrooms with celery or lettuce in any recipe for chicken salad.

Mousse-de-Poulet Salad

Scald one cup of milk, cream or _well-reduced_ chicken stock (the last
is preferable); beat the yolks of three eggs slightly, add one-fourth a
teaspoonful, each, of common salt and celery salt, and a dash of
paprica, and cook as a boiled custard. Remove from the fire and add
one-fourth a package of gelatine (one tablespoonful of granulated
gelatine), softened in one-fourth a cup of chicken liquor or water.
Strain over half a cup of cooked chicken (white meat), chopped and
pounded in a mortar and passed through a sieve. Stir over ice water
until the mixture is perfectly smooth and begins to set, then fold into
it one cup of whipped cream. Turn into a ring mould, and, when chilled
and well set, turn on to a bed of lettuce and fill in the centre with
equal parts of celery and English walnuts, blanched, sliced and mixed
with a French dressing.

The half-cup of chicken, well pressed down, should weigh four ounces.
The chicken broth should be strong and well flavored. Either one cup of
whipped cream, or one cup of cream, whipped, may be used. The latter
gives a firmer mousse, more pronounced in flavor; the former, a mousse
of a lighter and more delicate consistency, and one more delicate in


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